Lip Enhancement



Lip Enhancements

Lips always attracts attention.  As the most prominent and sensuous feature of the face, they create impact at first glance. They say that your eyes reflect what's in your soul, but your lips reveal what's on your mind. Whether happy or sad, peaceful or contemplative, there's no facial feature as expressive as your lips...

There are a range of innovative lip products to create and restore these timeless desires that most of us dream of.  Because the way we see it, irresistibly soft lips aren't just for the young or genetically lucky people, they're for everyone.

Using dermal filler is the perfect tool to create volume enhancement of the lip in the contours as well as the vermillion border.

Dermal filler can be used for:

Lip enhancement

Lip hydration

Lip rejuvenation (treatment for lipstick bleeding)

Before After
Before After