Tear trough and Periorbital treatment

Tear trough and Periorbital treatment

Periorbital and tear trough concerns are reportedly the most common aesthetic complaints. These include loose skin, eye bags, excess eyelid skin, saggy eyebrow, fine lines & wrinkle, hollowness and dark circles.

Periorbital area is a delicate area with a unique anatomy. Different factors can affect periorbital area. For example, the cause of dark circles can be genetics, fatigue, lack of sleep, anaemia, diet, lack of oxygen and allergies. Also with age, the skin loses collagen and becomes thinner and more translucent which allows visibility of the darker blood vessels. Eye bags can be instigated by sleep deprivation, diet, alcohol and tobacco use, allergies, local fluid retention, hyperthyroidism and periorbital cellulitis.



It is important for the practitioner to identify the cause of concern before offering any treatment. This can be achieved through a thorough consultation.

After consultation, the next step is to create a suitable treatment plan and advise the patient on the expected results. A bespoke and individualised treatment plan should be tailored based on the person’s age, unique anatomy, skin, soft tissue and bone changes.The face should be considered as a whole; not just focusing on periorbital area. sometimes tear trough can be addressed indirectly by correcting the loss of volume in mid-face and cheeks area.


Dermal filler injection in case of deficiency in natural hyaluronic acid and infra-orbital hollowness is one of the most effective and safe treatments; with minimal pain and bruising. Bearing in mind that lid-cheek junction is the part of a normal anatomy and that aim is not to eliminate it. The procedure is normally carried out in two sessions 4-6 weeks apart. It is recommended to under correct the area in order to avoid over volumising the area as it settles over time. This area may also be treated with Toxin for brow-lift and crow’s feet; also skin booster creams for improving the fine lines and wrinkles as well as thickening the skin.

Tear trough treatment is an advanced filler procedure. Enhanced skills, Suitable and high-quality products can reduce the risk of adverse events.  

post procedure care

  • Avoiding aspirin and alcohol 48 hrs before and after the treatment
  • Avoiding facial peel, massages and sunbathing for 2 weeks after the treatment
  • Avoiding makeup and exercise for 24hrs will reduce the risk of infection